Welcome To Agri/Com Appraisals

Agri/Com Appraisals provides professional property valuation services that are both timely and reliable for a variety of agricultural land appraisal & commercial real estate appraisal needs. All appraisals are conducted by a certified knowledgeable appraiser that understands the appraisal process, relevant markets, and the characteristics of quality that determine and affect the value of agricultural & commercial property.

All appraisals include a physical inspection of1hc property to assess its quality, utility & condition. The reports are written to conform to the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practices (USPAP) outlining the ethical guidelines in conducting an appraisal and the content of an appraisal report.

*When you’ve needed a professional appraiser, you have probably Googled “Real Estate Appraiser near me” only to come up with a multitude of residential appraisal company’s? When you need an accurate, professional appraisal from an experienced commercial real estate appraiser, contact Agri/Com Appraisals.

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